Global Networks Platform

The place where network to network connections happen enhancing leader collaboration.

GenMobile <br> Global Networks Platform
The Platform

The Platform

GenMobile is a digital platform that connects global networks and network leaders based on the database maintained by Linking Global Voices. 

It is a tool that enhances global internetwork collaboration, helping network leaders to provide better connections to their members. 

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Network workspace features

Customizable and self administrated workspace with interaction features, access to events and specialized content for your members

Mobile / Web

Accessible on Windows, iOS and Android devices


Network workspaces can be personalized and configured


Content management and front end available in 8 languages


Networks and users can connect between workspaces


Private messaging, group chats and public forums

Member Listing

Network member profile listing and connection


Multi event app capacity: schedule, speakers, maps, attendees & more

Custom modules

Create a customized feature or connect an external API services

Meet the app

The platform features have been designed to meet the needs on connection and collaboration networks have.

Network Site Features

Ministry listing and location details
Network member profile listing and connections
Direct messaging, group chats and public forums
Access to resources on network challenges and focus
Multi event capacity creation: schedule, speakers, maps, attendees, registration & much more
Create customized feature or connect to external API services
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Access from anywhere

Access from anywhere

Get access to your network content and information on mobile app or web platform, you will never loose track of your connections.

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Available on all devices

Don´t miss any detail, GenMobile and networks content can be accessed on the web or mobile app. Your conversations and connections will be automatically synchronized.